Got extra meals? Give them to someone in need.

University of Oregon, Eugene. (lizhugstrees/

At Towson, most meal plans come with dining points that carry on semester to semester. If you are me, then you probably end up spending all these points before the year is over because food is your number one priority in life. However, if you don’t mind skipping a meal or two, you will probably end up with a few leftover points on your card. Most students would probably end up buying useless food they don’t need at the end of the year.

Students at the University of Oregon, Eugene, have the opportunity to donate their unused meal points to people in need. The University Housing program has had a point drive for the past ten years. According to an article in the Oregon Daily Emerald, the point drive goes to a nonprofit organization which collects and gives out food to over 100 social service agencies and programs. According to the article, students donated over 5,000 pounds of food to the organization last semester.

A few other universities like UCLA have started their own meal donation programs as well. I believe that these programs will start showing up at east coast universities soon. Out of all the college campus charity food programs I have read about this year, this one seems to be the most successful and easiest to initiate.

Although there is not a similar program at Towson yet, it is obvious that students can do their part in giving food to the homeless and other groups in need. The program at the University of Oregon as well as other ones like it should inspire students to take it upon themselves to donate their extra meals.

The simplest way to do it would be to buy appropriate food items with the extra points, and give to them food drives, homeless shelters, etc. It would be pretty awesome if Towson was also known for giving away 5,000 pounds of food to people in need.


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