Eat a chewy bar, help a starving child.

Two Degrees Bars (Photo Credit: Bridget Tong/

A recent article in The Collegianur, the student paper at the University of Richmond, discussed how Two Degrees Food has come to its campus, and why it’s gaining popularity. Two Degrees Food is a company that was formed in 2010, and works with universities to sell its products.

The company sells nutritious food bars, but it comes with a catch: for every food bar you buy, they donate one meal to a child in need. So far, the company is working with 70 universities and the idea is extremely popular among students. The food bars cost around two dollars, and the number of students buying them continues to increase. The fact that college kids know they are helping a hungry child gives them incentive to buy the food.

According to the article, Two Degrees is one of the first “buy one, get one” food companies and it is continuing to gain support. Another plus is that the bars are supposedly delicious. The company has sold around 450,000 bars, and has a goal of 200 million.

If Two Degrees Food hopes to achieve that goal, it is going to have to start spreading to even more college campuses. I think the business would be popular at Towson, as well as many other schools. Who wouldn’t want to spend two dollars on a delicious and nutritious chewy bar, knowing that you’re helping a starving child? To know that you helped someone who may have gotten sick or died without that one meal would be unbelievable. Even more unbelievable would be to know you helped that child by simply buying a chewy bar.

The company was inspired by TOMS, the popular trend where the company donates a pair of shoes to a child in need, for every pair sold. Towson already has a TOMS campus program, so the next step forward would be to add a Two Degrees program.

To learn more about Two Degrees Food, check out their website.


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