We need food trucks!

Random food truck (Photo credit: lasnark.com)

In the three years that I have attended Towson, I have always wondered why I have never seen a permanent food truck on campus. Food trucks are pretty much the busy college student’s dream. Imagine how easy it would be to grab lunch in between classes by simply getting a quick and filling meal without having to walk inside a building.

Many big-city universities have food trucks, and it is a growing trend that has always been popular. The University of Pennsylvania is most known for their food trucks. The campus has numerous food trucks, each with their own type of food. They range from Mexican to Jamaican to Middle-Eastern, and even one with just fruit. The trucks have become so popular; they even have their own website.

So why doesn’t Towson have any food trucks? With a school of over 20,000 students, it would seem convenient to set up at least two food trucks on opposite sides of campus. There could also be one in the center of campus. One of the reasons is that with all of the construction going on, food trucks are the last thing on anyone’s mind. The addition of the West Village Commons and all of the new dining facilities may also be a reason.

Although many may not have food trucks on their mind, as a lover of food I believe it should be a priority. For students who don’t like to waste time for a sit-down lunch, food trucks would be a brilliant idea and it would be a great option for commuters who don’t have meal plans. A normal food truck offers food at reasonable prices, which would be popular with students trying to save money. Another plus would be that the food quality would be better than campus dining options, and would probably be a lot healthier.

More students across America are trying to get food trucks on their campuses as well. A recent letter in the Daily Targum, the Rutger’s University newspaper, explained some more positives about the addition of food trucks.


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